Frequently Asked Questions

What is mahalo?

mahalo is a donation app and the best way to give to the charities of your choice. We even track all your donations for year-end tax deduction purposes.

How does mahalo work?

It’s so easy! Simply download the mahalo app, set up your profile and make donations within seconds. The Mahalo Gives Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) donor advised fund, so donations made through the app are tax deductible at the time payment is processed. mahalo then remits payments to the charities you choose on a monthly basis.

Do I need to download the app to make a donation?

Yes. We set up mahalo to make it über simple to select a charity, input your donation amount and process your charitable gift in a matter of seconds!

What charities can I donate to?

You can donate to any of the over 1.8 million registered 501(c)(3) charities through our partnership with Guidestar, the leading provider of information on registered United States non-profit organizations.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Absolutely! Your donations are made to The Mahalo Gives Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) donor advised fund and 100% tax deductible to the extent permitted by applicable law. At the time of your donation, you select from our list of over 1.8 million other registered 501(c)(3) organizations to whom you would like your donation sent. You can check the "Donation History" section of the app to generate your tax receipt for donations.

How secure is my information?

Extremely! mahalo uses strict protocols for storing and transmitting your information. We process payments through industry leading companies such as Stripe and Dwolla, each of whom use PCI Data Security Level 1 (the highest security level) to encrypt and process payments.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, you can donate anonymously by checking the "anonymous" box when making your donation.

Is there any charge to me?

mahalo is free for individuals to download, use and donate. You will never be charged a fee.

What is the difference between making a donation (and ??)

All donations are processed via The Mahalo Gives Foundation, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) entity. Donated funds will be immediately directed to a specified nonprofit, or can be deposited into your Mahalo account and used in the future to fund donations or pledges.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express as credit or debit cards. We can also process payments directly from your bank account using Dwolla's proprietary bank transfer network.

What is the minimum donation?

The minimum amount we can process on a credit card is $10. If you want to donate less to a charity, we will hold the balance in your account.

Can I keep funds in my account?

Yes. Since The Mahalo Gives Foundation is a donor advised fund and itself a charitable organization, any amounts donated to Mahalo are tax deductible and can sit in your Mahalo account until you decide which charities you want to receive donations.

Is my donation refundable?

No, because The Mahalo Gives Foundation is itself a donor advised fund. US law governing donor advised funds provides that all donations are non-refundable. Please contact as at in the event you have further questions.

How do I set up a fundraising event?

Mahalo is the simplest tool available to raise money for causes you care about. With a few clicks, you can create a fundraising event, identify the reason you're fundraising (running a marathon, in honor of a relative, just because…), upload pertinent photos, customize your invitation to your friends, family and other contacts including the mahalo community, select invitation recipients from your contact list, our device or in Facebook, and send out the invite—all in less than 3 minutes!

Can I track the progress of my fundraising event?

Of course! mahalo actually sends you push notifications when people have donated. We also provide real-time updates on your progress toward your fundraising goal in the "Fundraise" section of the app.

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